Over 1.5 means what in betting

The presented type of bets is a popular type of sports forecasts. For players, this is the best option to make a winning prediction and enjoy it. One of the betting options has good odds, but there is an increased risk of losing. Here we will answer the frequently asked question “Over 1.5 means what in betting?” and analyze the features of this type of bet.

Each type of sports prediction has the opportunity to lose – this must be remembered by all categories of gamblers. Note that experienced players make fewer mistakes and the information provided will be useful for beginners. Every gambler should understand all the concepts and rules of sports betting, since the number of predictions won will depend on this.

What is “over 1.5”

As you know, sports predictions are distinguished by a huge number of terms and other information necessary to create successful bets. Every novice player should know them and this is the primary goal.

The concept of “over 1.5” is a popular type of sports betting. A feature of the forecast is that the gambler bets on the fact that 2 or more goals will be scored for the entire time of the game process. In other cases (one goal or nothing) the bet will lose.

The increased odds are due to the fact that not every match can boast a total of more than 2 goals. This applies to football, where each game can bring exclusive results.

In simple terms, the gambler is guaranteed to win under one condition – two or more goals will be scored. The outcome of the match will be a draw or only one goal will be scored. Which team scores does not matter and all players need to know this.

How to win on “over 1.5” bets

The suggested tips will be useful for beginners who have not yet fully mastered sports forecasts. The only requirement for a gambler is to spend a little time getting acquainted with the information.

  • The first rule is never to bet a lot of money at once. Since this sports prediction option has a good odds, you can benefit from even a small amount of money. The best option for the player would be to create a lot of “over 1.5” predictions, which allows you to cover unsuccessful bets.
  • Choose your matches carefully. Before betting, you need to study the latest information about the teams. This includes news about players, coaches, possible transfers, etc. It is recommended to visit the official websites of the clubs, because. where the latest news is posted.
  • Follow previous games. You can learn about the performance of teams on special sports news portals.
  • Do not ignore rumors and other information of a dubious nature. Any rumor can become a sensation that can have an impact on both individual players and entire teams. For example, these can be scandals that can lower the reputation of a club or a football player (coach). All this can play positively for the gambler.
  • If a bettor of a bookmaker is a fan of a particular club, then this can be a huge advantage. Such a gambler is well versed in all the intricacies of the club, and also knows its strengths and weaknesses. This allows you to perform analytics, which will be decisive in terms of creating a successful forecast.

In addition, many bookmakers offer various football matches, where the number of goals can exceed 5 or more. It is on these games that you can earn the most money. Such matches are favorites for football fans – this is one of the guaranteed ways to increase the available money. In most cases, you can learn about such games on special resources in thematic sections.

Why “over 1.5” is relevant in betting

The features of this betting option include:

  • Possibility to bet with good odds. As practice shows, such predictions offer players a high event multiplier.
  • It can be used in parlays, which will only increase the potential profit.
  • Almost all bookmakers offer this betting option, which is relevant for all categories of gamblers.

This type of sports prediction will be the best for beginners and experienced gamblers due to good odds. It is not difficult to understand and deal with this term, it is much more difficult to benefit from it. By adhering to simple recommendations, a gambler can easily make successful predictions, win and enjoy it.

All operating bookmakers in Nigeria are licensed – the user can be sure of the security of personal information and guaranteed payouts. The best bookmakers offer players exclusive opportunities to create sports predictions at a convenient time.

Still have questions about betting options? You can get the information of interest in technical support on the official websites of bookmakers. It is possible to contact the manager in a way convenient for the gambler – online chat, e-mail or another suitable option.