Serengeti Simple Bush Luxury


The highlight of a Tanzania safari is witnessing the annual great migration in Serengeti. This ancient phenomenon is the largest movement of wildlife on earth. Each year 1.5 million wildebeest, 200000 Zebras, and a host of antelopes migrate through the plains of Serengeti and its northern part, the Maasai Mara (see the Map) the herds follow seasonally dictated variations of the rains in search of the fresh grass and water.

Mapito Tented Camp’s location is right within this animal track. The big herds pass this area between May and August and again between November and January. As the result  our Guest are not just close to, but literally within the Migration during these months. Since the Serengeti also hosts a great variety of residential wildlife, staying at Mapito Tented Camp is the experience throughout the years.

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